Fighting Together for a World Class America
 Fighting Together for a World Class America                                                                                                                                                 

The Song is called 'Iowa Gold'

Autumn in Iowa can be like a twinkle of gold. We see it now in the fields and gardens as crops are being picked and combined, and as the brisk air comes into the state.

That is why I decided to share this short song, IOWA GOLD, with you. It was written a couple of years ago by a lady from Southeast Iowa who decided that we needed a new state anthem. I'm not sure if the movement got very far, but the song is still a touching testimony to Iowa -- especially during harvest season, and I hope that you enjoy it.

In a simpler season, autumn on a farm in Iowa represented the gold of the harvest, chores to do, fall football season and renewal of school friendships. Every other year - the even years -- it also represented election day.

 Elections can be like an autumn harvest -- although we sometimes see only the dark side of it. It represents the harvest of votes and opinions as well as the triumph of our democratic system of government.  Just as farmers and gardeners fight through the spring and summer for a successful harvest, so too we as the body politic of America fight through the season to winnow out what we really value in our government, what we desire from it. and what respect we are inclined to give it.

Sadly, those simpler autumn election times are lost in an echo chamber of big money, instant 24 hour news and partisan recriminations. While Wednesday brought the passsage of legislation to keep the government running until December 11,  it may yet again shut down the government before the year is out. Political warfare of the magnitude that we face today has not been this evident for many years. Your contribution is the defense of your beliefs in times like this.

Fortunately, if history bears out, the pendulum will swing back to a more moderate, middle of the road period, as the public fears that drive the battles likewise swing back with that pendulum. But it does take work to keep our democracy within the scope of our Constitution, and our political battles off the streets of America.

The core values of the Democratic Party are part of this battle to keep the Constitution and our democracy safe. Americans and Democrats want  a fair shake, regardless of wealth, race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age or disability.  Sadly the Republican Party today is showing that it does not care much for a fair shake for all. It continues to preach fear and priviledge above human dignity.

I firmly believe that human dignity requires a hand up and not a hand out. Without a fair opportunity to get ahead in life, society mires down into the class warfare that seems to be with us today.

Governance by Democrats can successfully provide that as we have provided it many times to America in the past: a FAIR SHAKE, and a HAND UP in life. We stand for equal pay for equal work! We stand strongly for quality public education for all Americans. We stand for a fair wage and a closing of a wage gap that is the greatest since 1928. We stand for workers and the right to bargain collectively. We believe that corporations are corporations - not people.  We believe that our environment should be an environment that we can live in - not die in. 

Finally, We believe that our tried and true formula for making America a better place for us and our children is the TRUE WAY to create a World Class America.


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Thanks in advance for Fighting Together for What We Believe!


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